New Video Series: Sonic Adventure DX “Choose Your Own Let’s Play”


It’s been a little while since I’ve done something like this, but a short time ago I began uploading a new Let’s Play project! I’m playing through Sonic Adventure DX for the Nintendo Gamecube, but I’m trying something different with this: I’m calling it a Choose Your Own Let’s Play.

What does that mean exactly? Well, SADX is a game divided up into several character based stories. Normally, when you see this game uploaded, it would be uploaded in a specific order, character by character. But I’m uploading all of the character stories simultaneously, so you the viewer can choose what order you watch the series in!

My intention with this is to give the watcher the same freedom of choice as if they were playing the game themselves: picking and choosing what stories they experience when. It’s a concept I hope to expand upon with other games, and I hope it’s fun for the viewer, too!

So please, enjoy! I already have several videos up at the time of posting this. Big the Cat and E-102 “Gamma”‘s stories actually finished uploading today! They’re surprisingly shorter than I remember. But here’s the introduction video to the series! Be sure to check in on Youtube for further updates to the series, and more videos to come! Sparky is signing out for now!


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