Game Talk


Wanna talk about video games? Let’s talk about video games. I like to do all sorts of things while talking about video games! Rambles, rants, reviews, first impressions… it’s all listed right here!

Game Discussion

  • Nintendo Switch: Switching too Soon?
    (Posted March 15th, 2017)
    A discussion of the launch of the Nintendo Switch, how it compares to the launch of the Wii U, and if people bought into the Switch a little too quickly.
  • Wii U Wonderland
    (Posted March 30th, 2017)
    Talking about games that are (or were) exclusive to Nintendo’s underappreciated game system, the Wii U.
  • A Reason for Re-Releases
    (Posted April 28th, 2017)
    A rambling about games getting re-released and re-made, and the reasons behind the practice in the world of video games.

First Impressions