Gameplay Videos


Like most youtube people, I participate in the occasional Let’s Play of my favorite video games! My Youtube Channel is home to a good few gameplay videos, and I always try to do something interesting with major projects! Here’s some examples!

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening: A 100% Completion Run
My very first project, so the quality isn’t too fantastic. But still, I wanted to play my favorite Zelda game to completion, and I did!

Sonic Adventure DX: The Choose Your Own Let’s Play
This game features several different character based stories, and the average playthrough uploaded to Youtube would post them in a set order. So I tried something different! All character stories, uploaded at the same time and neatly organized so the viewer can view the game in whatever order they want to!

Sonic’s Story Playlist
Tails’ Story Playlist
Knuckles’ Story Playlist
Amy’s Story Playlist
Big’s Story Playlist
E-102 “Gamma”‘s Story Playlist

Luigi’s Mansion: A-Rank Run
There’s nothing more satisfying than looking for a ton of sparkly treasure. The only problem is that it’s all locked away in a spooky mansion! Oh well, let’s go get it!

Hopefully, there will be much more to come! So subscribe to my Youtube and junk, if you want!